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) • Camera Is Completely Powered By PV500 DVR • With The PV500 Your have Watermarked Time And Date Stamping!• With The PV500 You Have Motion Activation On And Off Option!On all covert video applications, you have law enforcement frame watermarks as well as time and date stamping. • Use As A Completely Self Contained Stationary Covert Video System • Use In Conjunction With Walk-Around Bodywear Carry-Around Functions • High Resolution And Easy To Use!

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Are they leaking or stealing valuable company information?

A quick scan and review with the Chat Stick can tell you in minutes.

Book It Cam Tek gives you the ability to have a completely self contained covert video camera system you can walk around with in a book.

You can just carry the book and shoot covert video or set down and appear to be reading a book and covertly video record everything in front of you!

Here is a quote on the use of this products to help clients from Nocole Bocra from Infinity Investigative Solutions.

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