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Your love for one child does not diminish your love for the other.The prejudice against loving more than one person, stems in part from our conception of romantic love and the paradigm that there is only one person who is meant to complete us.

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They feel that multiple relationships can complement each other and take the burden off a primary relationship for meeting all of the emotional needs.

As opposed to swingers, whose relationship is based on one primary couple, polyamorists tend to view relationships with greater fluidity when it comes to gender identity, number of lovers, and the overlapping relationships that may evolve among the various lovers.

If this sounds “transactional,” that’s because the set-up is very structured, as opposed to the more organic flirting and hooking up that occurs in the outside world, which swingers refer to as the “vanilla” world.

These rules make it easier for relative strangers to negotiate physical intimacy.

The authors of call this prejudice against loving more than one person at the same time a “starvation economy” approach: the belief that there is a limited amount of love to go around and that you cannot give love to one person without taking from the other.

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